Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School

It's that time of year. Back to school time. Some people dread this time of year and others love it. I fall into the "love it" category. I am one of those people who has always loved school, which I guess is a good thing considering I was in school from age 5 to age 28 (CRAZY!!) and during that time I began working in schools and then became a teacher. So, i guess you could say--school has always been a big part of my life.

Anyways, now as a mom, back to school has a whole new feeling and meaning. To me it is the bittersweet reminder that summer is winding down, but also the hopeful feeling that fall (my favorite time of year! Also know as pumpkin-everything season) is right around the corner. To me, it is also the beginning of more structure and routine and schedule, which I quite enjoy. I also enjoy all the little things that add up and make it such a special time--I love taking my sweet girl on a back to school shopping date and buying new clothes and school supplies. I love watching her make the pain staking decisions of what backpack? and what water bottle? should I choose. I love taking her to ice cream and talking about her new year of school and what she is excited or scared about. I like picking out her 1st day of school outfit and packing her lunch. Call me silly, but to me these little things are enjoyable.

All these little things are special and fun but, at the end of the day, back to school season has now become a season of fear for me (honest mom confession). Why fear? you may ask. Well fear, because I want to make sure that I am doing it right--giving my daughter all the best opportunities. Is public school really the right fit? Should we send her to private school? But can we afford it? What about charter school? Are we putting her into enough extra-curriculars? Are her classes pushing her enough? Does she need more speech therapy? The questions are endless and daunting and I have let myself spiral down this dark tunnel of fear and I have never landed in a peaceful place.

But the truth is that there is no perfect education plan. Which is actually difficult for me to even type, as education is something of great worth and value to me. However, the thing that has to be of MORE worth and value is that we serve a great and perfect God. He is orchestrating the details of our lives and that INCLUDES the details of our childrens' education and of each and every back to school season--no matter what it may bring. I learned this lesson (yet again) this year, as our back to school season did not start off the way we planned. In fact, it started in quite a bumpy and stressful way. My daughter started 1st grade yesterday. New district. New school. New classroom. New teacher. New friends. This was not what we had planned for her 1st grade year, but the Lord had different plans when our inter-district transfer was not approved. It is a long story and it was a long week of stressful phone calls and decisions and driving around town to both districts, but in the end the Lord (as always) knows what is best. I already love her teacher so much more than her last teacher and, from what I can see, her new classroom is the perfect fit. Thank you Lord for caring about even the little details of our lives.

I read this quote today and seems to be quite fitting:

"It takes pride to be anxious. I am not wise enough to know how my life should go." --Tim Keller

Friends, whatever may feel out of your control at the moment. Trust the Lord with it. All of it. Even the little details.

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