Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1st Birthday Party (Breakfast Theme)

We celebrated our baby boy turing 1 with a backyard breakfast themed birthday bash.

I knew that I would need some easy and fun activities to keep all the older kids entertained, so I set up a cereal jewelry making station. The kiddos loved snacking from the huge bowl of fruit loops! I also set out bubbles and filled our trampoline with balloons. The kiddos had a blast bouncing with all of the balloons! It was easy and cheap and it kept them entertained for the majority of the time, so it was a total win, win.

We decorated the birthday boy's highchair with balloons and handmade bunting. I bought the pre-cut banner at Target and then added the black felt stickers from JoAnn's to spell ONE. It made for cute photos when he was eating his smash cake.

For the food, I did a breakfast buffet. I covered the table in polka dot kraft paper and purchased the tassel banner from Target. The bunting with his name was made the same way as the highchair bunting. And then of course....added balloons! 
 I kept the food pretty simple....hash-brown egg casserole, a big fruit salad, donuts, and mini yogurt parfaits. We also had a coffee bar, mimosas for the adults, and mini chocolate milks for the kiddos. 

I bought the simple smash cake from our local grocery store and then added the "1" candle and 3 mini flags that I made using skewers and kraft paper. 

 How cute are these "bacon and eggs" cupcakes?! My mom made them, copying a picture I found on Pinterest. We used pretzel sticks for the "bacon" and peanut M&Ms for the "egg".

Birthday boy hoping to sneak a donut 

I think its safe to say...he loved his first taste of cake! 

Happy 1st Birthday Emmett! Mommy and Daddy (and many others) love you to the moon, little buddy!! 

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