Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My little corner...

Writing has always been a release for me. A way for me to de-stress, to cope, to celebrate and to express. I have filled journal upon journal with my scribbles since my bushy eyebrow days of Jr. High. Words are so powerful and as cheesy as it sounds...I have always found myself caught up by and enticed with words. Written words. Thick books filled with creamy paper.  Thoughtful hand written notes. To Do lists scribbled on notebook paper. Tear stained journal pages. The underlined, highlighted print in my Bible. All these, some may say,  are merely words, and yet....are they? Just words? I say, no. You decide for yourself. 

In honor of my love of words, I am starting this blog. Its a simple place where I can share nuances from the mundane activities of everyday life to the seemingly glorious occurrences. In other words, I will be filling this blog with things as simple as my new favorite lip gloss to as meaningful as the finalization of the adoption of our 2 precious kiddos. 

Join me. Will you? 

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